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My Story

I began riding horses at an early age back in my native country, Cuba. My grandfather owned a farm in the country side and I would spend every weekend and days off school riding his horses, mostly Caballo Cubano de Paso, which is a descent of horses from Spain. I immigrated to the states in 1985 with my parents and my sister. During the early years I had to concentrate on learning the language, learning the nuances of a new culture and getting an education. Horses were always a part of my life, even when I was not able to own one. I would always find a place to rent one for the day or lease on a monthly basis.

An old wise horse trainer and teacher who is now deceased, Eric Gendernalik, told me awhile back that if I wanted to understand horses, I would have to spend lots of time learning from the best trainers around this country. Then  I would need to develop several critical skills: my timing, feel and balance through experience by working many different kinds of horses. I spent lots of time reading, watching professional training videos, attending clinics, networking with knowledgeable horse people, and training full time.

I have always been a fan of the outdoors, and now I have found an occupation where I can be outside enjoying nature from the back of a horse. For me there is nothing better than riding among beautiful sceneries on a horse I have developed enough that I can trust.

 I will share with you some of the steps I take when working with a new horse.

First, I spend some time on the ground (round pen work). My goal at this point is to develop a leadership role, gain their respect and trust. My approach is simple; I want the horse to respect me, but not to be afraid. I’m looking to build a partnership. While gaining respect I also mix it up with sensitizing and desensitizing exercises, which  will get the horse using the thinking side of the brain and he should start to be less reactive to movement and sounds around him.

Once I have his attention, i can prompt or stop the movement in his feet. Then I saddle the horse and progress to start working on a number of exercises to  gain his attention and respect from while on his back.

 Once I have spent time in an arena and I know I have his respect and the ability to move his feet, then I add new skills by taking him on the trails, going over obstacles, getting in the water and putting miles on his feet. A well trained horse needs to have lots of concentrated training and long hours in the saddle.

My ultimate goal is to help people develop a trusting relationship with their horses.


My Services


I have to develop awareness within myself so that i can have it with my horse later. Discipline, trust, tolerance and respect needs to be accomplished before I get on their back. 80% of training is getting in the horses mind.


" A foundation isn't anything on a Horse; it’s everything" (Don Dodge).
 I follow some of the best techniques from top trainers when starting  a young horse. This teaches them that  humans are trustworthy. Proper groundwork training prepares the horse for a smooth transition into saddle work.


Fearful or Disrespectful Behavior
Kicking, biting, bucking, rearing, trailer issues, spooking, all these problems come from a lack of training.   I apply a number of exercises to get the horse in the right mind set. Then i will spend time with the owner so i can transfer the knowledge so they can gain their horse's respect.  The ultimate goal is a respectful relationship between the horse and the rider.


Looking to purchase a new horse? Reach out to me and I will help you make the right selection.  I can prevent you from making  some of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a horse.    It is always better to have an objective set of eyes and ears in a horse buying transaction. Horse ownership when done right is a blessing.   There are many horses being offered for free, for sale or trade, but the reality is that even a free horse must receive careful consideration.   Reach out to me and I will be glad to help you choose your next horse.


During training horses are being worked minimum 5 days a week. Depending on the horse, some may be worked twice a day. I usually like to spend from 1 to 1.5 hours per session. Once the horse is conditioned and under control, I take them out on trails and riding time increases to 1 to 3 hours sometimes more. I encourage horse owners to get involved during training so we can do a knowledge transfer and help you gain respect and confidence throughout the process. Horses will also be exposed to obstacles and water.  Once we have the horse using the thinking side of the brain, soft and supple, I encourage the owners to go out with me on trails. My ultimate goals are to create safe, willing horses as well as educate people on proper horsemanship.


This is a perfect option for horse owners who are ready to take their horsemanship to a higher level. This set of services involves working with you and your horse as a team.  We will work towards vertical flexion at a walk, vertical flexion at a trot, side-pass from the standstill on the fence, shoulder in/shoulder out, yield the hindquarters and bring the front end through, suppling exercises, steering exercises, yield and bend, hand and feet coordination, draw to a stop and give vertical, post and circle, and much more!


 I'm passionate about communicating with other people and sharing my knowledge.  People skills and great communication was something I had to develop during my long career in the business world, especially in leadership roles in the Information Technology Industry.

Looking to gain confidence with groundwork?

Want to polish your riding skills in a safe environment?

Spend some time riding on the trails?

Reach out to me, I will be happy to help you.

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